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Models starting from 7.5 kW installed capacity.

BioBANG Pre Treatment Feed

BioBANG Pre Treatment Feed is designed to offer maximum performance in terms of breaking up the biomass to guarantee perfect control of retention, viscosity and concentration. This is essential if you are a manufacturer of biogas or biomethane systems and want to standardise production of the systems and biomass retention times, digesting all types of fibre. With BioBANG, design becomes standard for every customer.

BioBANG in Recirculation

Installing BioBANG in Recirculation is designed to improve the characteristics of any existing biogas or biomethane system, so it can achieve itsAt the point of transfer maximum yield. This is essential if you are a system owner or manufacturer who wants to remain competitive, save on costs and achieve maximum earnings. Efficiency is in your hands


BioBANG in Transferring

Installing BioBANG in Transferring is designed to guarantee the efficiency of any existing or planned system, treating and transferring biomass from a Plug Flow tank/digester to another digester in a single step. This is essential for transferring biomass without affecting its energy output.


BioBANG Pre Treatment Feed

BioBANG in Recirculation

BioBANG in Transferring


BioBANG Pre Treatment Feed

BioBANG is installed at the feed inlet by connecting it to the loading hopper and digester of your biogas or biomethane system.

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BioBANG in Recirculation

BioBANG is installed at the recirculation point by connecting it via a by-pass to the primary digester of the biogas or biomethane system

BioBANG in Transferring

BioBANG is installed by connecting it between a tank/digester and a secondary digester of the biogas or biomethane system.


BioBANG models are designed to guarantee 100% energy in your hands; they boast an innovative design and functions that are unique in the world and capable of increasing the performance of your biogas or biomethane system  

Biomass Cavitation

Thanks to BioBANG controlled cavitation technology, you can say goodbye to hydraulic issues or the risk of sedimentation, which over time reduce the production volume of a digester. You will have no more stoppages because BioBANG improves the fluid dynamics of the entire system, and the 100% energy that you will obtain from the cavitated biomass will always guarantee excellent performance

Permanently eliminates surface crusts

With Active Disintegration Control (ADC), BioBANG permanently eliminates surface crusts that can reduce the system’s yield or even block the system. BioBANG improves the viscosity of the biomass and considerably reduces both mixing and retention times, so the system can produce to its highest capacity in the shortest time possible.

Reduces the daily load

Save more by loading less biomass or replacing it with low-cost biomass. BioBANG reduces the load required for small and large systems, whilst at the same time increasing the production capacity. Prevent bottlenecks in the replenishment of matrices and start thinking about how you can invest your new savings.

Integrated Power Control

Prepares the perfect mix for your biomass. BioBANG’s Integrated Power Control (IPC) will help you manage the solid/liquid ratio for your system in more detail. You will be the one to decide how much energy to release from your matrices, whenever you want

Optimises mixability in the digester

BioBANG reduce the energy consumed by the agitators to break up and homogenise the biomass in the digester. Cavitating with BioBANG reduces self-consumption of the agitators and pumps, with optimum production potential throughout the volume of biomass available

Autimatic Autocleaning Restarting (AAR)

Autonomous, clean and efficient: just some of its excellent qualities. The technological Automatic Autocleaning Restarting (AAR) system installed in BioBANG resolves any interruption in the flow of biomass within it automatically and completely autonomously.

Improve the environmental performance of your system

BioBANG can help you become an even greener biogas/biomethane producer, reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst increasing the amount of gas produced.
Once installed, BioBANG will make any system greener, reducing residual emissions of methane (Greenhouse Gases) produced by stored digestate by more than 27% after just four months of use.
This occurs thanks to BioBANG’s innovative controlled cavitation technology, which directly transmits 100% of the energy to any biomass used, for optimum conversion of its full methanogenic potential.
Increase the efficiency of your system with BioBANG and help save the environment by producing biogas or biomethane in a unique and sustainable way.

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