BioBANG Eternity


BioBANG’s controlled cavitation technology transfers 100% of the energy, as it is physical and not mechanical energy. BioBANG has no wear related to the cavitation, breaking up and permanently liquefying all types of biomass. The BioBANG unit contains other components that require simple routine maintenance. For these components, BioBANG’s specialised technical personnel offer a support and maintenance program called BioBANG Eternity, which will maintain the performance of your BioBANG in eternity.

Benefits included in the BioBANG Eternity package:

1° Pit stop
Includes the first visit by one of our specialised technical personnel (6 months after date of purchase).

Standardised service costs
Subsidised fixed daily rate with on-call support.

50% discount on spare parts
Spare parts for routine and non-routine maintenance available with a 50% discount.

“Cavitator Exchange” never without cavitation
The cavitator is not subject to wear, except for the bearings and seals. To facilitate on-site maintenance of the other BioBANG components and ensure you never lose income, we will provide you with a reconditioned cavitator from stock on request.

Remote support with remote management and daily monitoring of the machine
Your BioBANG will be monitored by our specialised technical personnel, who will remotely control your machine to guarantee optimum production performance at all times.

Access to multimedia libraries for DIY maintenance
A personal access code gives you access to BioBANG’s exclusive video guides so you can perform simple maintenance tasks and routine checks in full autonomy.

Efficient support
You will have our constant support for advice concerning the use and optimisation of BioBANG with your biogas or biomethane system.

50% discount for machine upgrade
50% discount on new release software and hardware. You will be kept up to date concerning any new releases aimed at maintaining the highest level of quality and efficiency in the production of biogas and biomethane with BioBANG.

If you have a BioBANG Eternity code, click here to access your dedicated services


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