BioBANG® straw treatment: results from DMG. SP. Z.o.o. Polish Biogas Plant

Do you remember? In October, in the article was published on our website and on our social media we described the installation and start-up of a new BioBANG at the biogas plant of “DMG. SP. Z.o.o.“farm, in Poland.
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Read on to learn about the concrete experience that our customer is having in Poland and the improvement of his plant’s performance, especially in hydraulic management and in straw’s yield.

The biggest BioBANG designed for a biogas plant

The machine installed is one of the largest we have ever designed and started up on a biogas or biomethane plant so far: 5 tons in weight for about 2 m in height and 3 m of length.

Pic. 1BioBANG® finished and ready to be delivered in Poland

It involved the supply of a BioBANG with a capacity of 12 m³/h, to achieve a very ambitious project: to create an efficient and effective treatment line to feed the plant only with straw and food slurry (with TS: 7%), optimizing mixing, solid concentration in digesters and the gas yield from hard fibers.

An innovative pre-treatment method

To achieve this goal, a “special” stra’s wloading line was designed consisting of 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: loading and 1st shredding of straw (not supplied by us): straw bale breaker, feeding hopper, mechanical shredder to reduce the fibers length;;
  • Phase 2: mixing and pre-treatment of straw (supplied by us): pre-mixing system to mix straw with food slurry and BioBANG in loading for break up and homogenize the mixed product before being feed into digester.

Pic. 2 – Loading line installed on DMG Sp. Z.o.o biogas plant – starting from the bottom: feeding hopper, mechanical shredder, pre-mix and BioBANG.

With this loading line, customer is able to overcome one of main obstacles related to the feeding of very fibrous biomass such as straw: dilution with liquid. BioBANG thanks to the guarantee cavitation’s disintegration effect, release the liquid contained in the fibers, allows to optimize the liquid/solid ratio and have a concentrated product inside digesters.

First results 1 month after the BioBANG®’s start-up

After a month from start-up, customer has already reported the first effects obtained thanks to controlled cavitation of innovative BioBANG® technology, especially in terms of viscosity reduction, fiber disintegration, product’s homogeneity in digesters.

Viscosity of cavitated biomass

Particularly, it was detect a significative viscosity reduction and homogeneity improvement that cavitated product showed once fed in digesters. Despite the extreme feeding change and the use of a very hard biomass, customer never noticed floating layers or crusts formation on digester’s surface but, the product was uniformly homogeneous. This allow the biogas plant to optimize energy consumption, digester’s volumes and working time of mixers and pumping systems.

Pic. 3 – Sampling of product coming out of BioBANG®, with a significant reduction in viscosity.

Pic. 4 – Solid/liquid ratio: visual effect shows the homogeneity of BioBANG®’s cavitated sample

Disgregation of cavitated biomass

2nd cavitation effect that is possible see is straw fibers lenght after BioBANG® pretreatment. It showed a significant reduction in the fiber’s particles size, which means an increase in contact surface area for bacteria with a reduction in fiber’s retention time.
Combination of these elements will be lead to an increase in the straw gas specific production in the “standard” plant’s retention time.

Pic. 5 – Disgregation effect of BioBANG® cavitation treatment on size and length of straw fibers.

A new success case for waste biomass’pretreatment.

With this new installation, BioBANG® extend its experience on waste biomass pretreatment, highlighting how its work lead to optimization of hydraulic management, energy self-consumptions and gas yield production in biogas and biomethane plants.

After important results obtained on the plants of our English customer “Farm Renewables“, this experience allowed BioBANG® ‘steam to understand the right way to efficiently enhance by-products and waste raw materials for anaerobic digestion use. With an effective pre-treatment system is possible to load in the digester highly concentrated product, minimizing dilutions. BioBANG® allows the biogas plants to produce energy without having problems with floating layers, high energy consumption for mixing and with low plant’s retention time, that usually don’t guarantee an efficient use of these biomasses.

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