BIOBANG @ ECOMONDO 2017 shows his best seller product: The Controlled Cavitation Pretreatment for 1 MW Biogas Plants.Below you can see the video of what’s happened with BIOBANG Cavitator Below you can see the video of what’s happened with BIOBANG Cavitator Install BIOBANG in your system and change the world!                      …

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BioBANG Cavitator will be present ECOMONDO 2017

BIOBANG Cavitator will be present ECOMONDO 2017Pav D5 Stand 170Rimini 7-10 November The most important appointment in Italy for renewable energy is approaching: ECOMONDO 2017 As usual, BIOBANG Cavitator will be present to let you discover all the new technology features of the new models and the possibilities of installing biogas plants with any matrix for those who want to…

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The BioBANG viscosity control: the missing link for a permanent success in gas and biomethane production

BioBANG cavitator is the innovative technology for biogas and biomethane plants, that uses 100% of physic energy in the controlled cavitation. BioBANG ensures the viscosity control in the plant digester, that today is obtained operating on the action on the mixers, on the digestate recirculation and on the solid-liquid relation. BioBANG makes the retention flexible,…

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