First BioBANG® installed in Poland

On Friday 09th October the first BioBANG® unit in Poland was started up at the biogas plant of the DMG SP. Zoo. Farm.

The unit is one of the largest models of our innovative BioBANG® technology and has been installed in pretreatment feed mode to treat about 15 m3/h of wheat straw mixed with pig slurry.

What happens with BioBANG®?

Straw is first chopped with a mechanical grinder, mixed in a pre-mixing unit with the slurry and sent to BioBANG®, where the cavitation action breaks down and opens the fibers, making straw ready to be digested by bacteria, once introduced into the digester.

The controlled cavitation expressed by BioBANG®, allows in a single step to obtain a more homogeneous product, reducing the viscosity and retention time of straw, in order to eliminate mixing problems, optimize volumes and improve the plant yield.

With BioBANG®, DMG sp. Zoo. from now, it will be able to enhance one of its company by-products such as wheat straw, while optimizing management costs and environmental sustainability of the plant.

Each new BioBANG® installation takes our technology to new countries, sharing it and helping to improve the performance of existing bioenergy plants.

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