Resultater af kavitationstest på kød og fedt

The cavitation action expressed by the innovative BioBANG technology guarantees 3 main effects for any type of biomass treated:

  • Reduction of product viscosity up to and above 50% and reduction of self-consumption of mixers and pumping systems up to and over 50%
  • Disruption of organic molecules and breakdown of chemical bonds with consequent increase in digestibility of the most difficult molecules (fiber, pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, etc …)
  • Better homogenization of the product and possibility of increasing the concentration of dry matter in the digesters, optimizing the volumes of the system, reducing the dilutions, without increasing the retention times of the system.

This effect was also noticed during the cavitation tests with our mobile unit, carried out together with the IES Biogas technicians on meat and fat at an industrial slaughterhouse with a biogas plant built by IES Biogas for the anaerobic digestion of slaughterhouse waste at in order to enhance them from an energy point of view.

Slaughtering waste after cavitation showed the following improvements over the original material:

  • Significant reduction in viscosity to 50%. The fat contained in the meat is completely liquefied: In this way the power and working time of the agitators can be reduced, since the possibility of liquid/solid separation is also reduced.
  • Once the organic molecules are broken up and the fat is completely liquefied, the bacteria can attack the product faster, which then will register an increase in efficiency in gas yield of 20% more.
  • With the reduction of viscosity to 50% and the disintegration of the molecules, it is possible to increase the quantity of meat inserted in the digesters, reducing dilutions and concentrating the dry substance, thus optimizing volumes and reducing the retention times of the system.

Are you the owner of a biogas plant powered by slaughterhouse waste and do you want to increase the management and energy efficiency of the plant?

Are you a manufacturer who is designing a slaughterhouse waste plant and wants to optimize the plant volumes and the size of the agitators to simplify the design?

Book the free test and you can see the results of your cavitated product with BioBANG technology directly on your plant!

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