Rent Your BioBANG®

Rent Your BioBANG®

BioBANG®  is a Contrica® Cavitation patented technology, designed to improve the features of any biogas or biomethane plant.
BioBANG® breaks up, liquefies and permanently homogenizes all types of biomass, even low-cost types, resulting in them instant digestion.

BioBANG® allows to:

  • Increase production of biogas and biomethane, reducing the biomass’ amount that must be loaded every day;
  • Improve energy conservation offered by the mixing because it drastically reduces the biomass viscosity;
  • Increase the fibers digestibility, even low-cost types, and reduces the retention times of biomass.

How does the rental work?

The rental lasts 3 months and can be extended.
Our BioBANG® mobile unit will be shipped directly to your system where you will install it to carry out the test and achieve the efficiency you were looking for in a few days.

How to achieve efficiency on your plant with BioBANG® in two steps

  1. Non-binding trial at a subsidized cost for three months;
  2. At the end of the three-month trial period, you can decide whether you want to extend your rental, continue to earn money by purchasing your BioBANG® or return it to us.

Watch the video of how BioBANG® installed

Fill the form and we call you back to define the time and day of the rent.
Or contact us by phone at +39.0296328225 for more information.