Saves more than


of the supply

Improves the mix by more than





of difficult, low-cost biomass

About BioBANG®

BioBANG® is the innovative patented, effective and efficient cavitator that transfers 100% of the energy to the fluid. Cavitation breaks up and permanently liquefies all types of biomass, even low-cost types, resulting in its immediate digestion in biogas and biomethane systems. BioBANG® is the future standard to the biomass treatment and pretreatment for any plant.
BioBANG® is Patented – Three Es Srl.

The cavitation in Nature

In nature the cavitation phenomenon is used by the bigclaw snapping shrimp, that can produce shockwaves similar to bullets with which it stuns the prey.
When the claw snaps shut at great speed, a high-speed water jet is created. This creates a small, short-lived vapor bubble and it is the immediate collapse of this bubble that creates the cavitation phenomenon.
The snapping noise can deter predators, stun a crab and kill small fish.


starting from 2 kW al m3 depending on the desired type of controlled cavitation.


it can be installed on systems where an increase in efficiency of 15% or greater can be obtained.


less than a corn’s ton per day.

Why use BioBANG®

It increases the yield

BioBANG® reduces the amount of liquid in favor of the solid.

Improves the mix

BioBANG® progressively reduces the operation of the agitators in the plant.

Biomass savings

BioBANG® gradually reduces the fiber and uses waste products and/or low-cost food for the plant.

How does BioBANG® work


BioBANG® in Recirculation

BioBANG® in Recirculation

BioBANG® in recirculation is designed to improve the characteristics of any existing biogas or biomethane plant bringing it to maximum yield. Biobang® is installed by connecting it in bypass to the primary digester of the biogas or biomethane plant.

BioBANG® Pre Treatment Feed

BioBANG® Pre Treatment Feed

Installing BioBANG® Pre Treatment Feed is designed to offer maximum performance in terms of breaking up the biomass to guarantee perfect control of retention, viscosity and concentration. This is essential if you are a manufacturer of biogas or biomethane systems and want to standardise production of the systems and biomass retention times, digesting all types of fibre. With BioBANG®, design becomes standard for every customer.

BioBANG® in Transferring

BioBANG® in Transferring

Installing BioBANG® in Transferring is designed to guarantee the efficiency of any existing or planned system, treating and transferring biomass from a Plug Flow tank/digester to another digester in a single step. This is essential for transferring biomass without affecting its energy output.

Who uses BioBANG®


of agricultural, industrial Manufacturers OFMSW biogas or biomethane plants.


of agricultural, industrial or OFMSW biogas or biomethane plants.


that repower agricultural, industrial or OFMSW biogas or biomethane plants.

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