BioBANG® presentation

BioBANG® Agricultural Plant

BioBANG® BioBANG® installed on Agricultural Plant
BioBANG® mobile unit installed on Agricultural Plant

BioBANG® Industrial Plant

BioBANG® installed on Industrial Plant
BioBANG® BioBANG® mobile unit installed on Industrial Plant

How does BioBANG® work?

BioBANG® Pre Treatment Feed

Installing BioBANG® Pre Treatment Feed is designed to offer maximum performance in terms of breaking up the biomass to guarantee perfect control of retention, viscosity and concentration. This is essential if you are a manufacturer of biogas or biomethane systems and want to standardise production of the systems and biomass retention times, digesting all types of fibre. With BioBANG®, design becomes standard for every customer.

BioBANG® in Transferring

Installing BioBANG® in Transferring is designed to guarantee the efficiency of any existing or planned system, treating and transferring biomass from a Plug Flow tank/digester to another digester in a single step. This is essential for transferring biomass without affecting its energy output.

BioBANG® Pre Treatment Feed
BioBANG® in Transferring
BioBANG® in Recirculation

Installing BioBANG® in Recirculation is designed to improve the characteristics of any existing biogas or biomethane system, so it can achieve its maximum yield. This is essential if you are a system owner or manufacturer who wants to remain competitive, save on costs and achieve maximum earnings. Efficiency is in your hands.

BioBANG® in Recirculation

BioBANG® test

BioBANG® Test with strow
BioBANG® Test Triticale
BioBANG® Test Sorghum
BioBANG® Test Grasses
BioBANG® Test Straw
BioBANG® Test Barley
BioBANG® Test Corn
BioBANG® Test Sawage sludge
BioBANG® Test Cattle manure & straw
BioBANG® Test Grape marc
BioBANG® Test Tomato peels