BioBANG® announces the commissioning of a new unit in France

BioBANG® France biomethane
Pic.1 BioBANG® installed on our customer’s biomethane plant in France

Despite the challenges of this particular period, innovation in the sector of anaerobic digestion does not stop! We are very excited to announce that last week a new biomethane plant in France has started its efficiency experience with BioBANG®!

Specifically, we are talking about a 700 Nm3/h biomethane plant, consisting of three digesters, two primary fermenters and one post-fermenter. The digesters are fed daily with 50 t of biomass diluted with 6 m3 of water + liquid product, recirculated through the fermenters.

BioBANG® plant specification  France biomethane
Pic.2 Plant specification showing the position where BioBANG® has been installed.

Currently, the daily feeding is composed by:

Dieta BioBANG® biomass biomethane plant in France
Pic.3 Biomass currently used in the plant

Click here to watch the video of the demonstrative test done last year on the plant with our mobile unit.

BioBANG® è was installed in recirculation on one of the two primary digesters and is currently working continuously with a treatment flow of 2 m3/h.

Just a few minutes after start-up on the plant, the results of the sampling of the product entering and leaving BioBANG® are surprising. The cavitated sample is clearly more disintegrated and, above all, there is a clear reduction in viscosity compared to the raw sample:

With the benefits that BioBANG® cavitation treatment will bring to his plant, customer will be able to achieve his efficiency goals on all 3 fronts:

  • Reduce viscosity and optimise consumption from mixing and pumping systems.
  • Reduce liquid dilutions and increase the amount of solid in the digesters and thus optimise the volumes and specific yield of the plant.
  • Gradually increase the use of biomass with higher fiber content instead of energy crops and thus save on the cost of the daily feeding.