Starting of biobang – germany – 30/09/2019

In date 09/30/2019 our technicians went to Ramnstein Miesenbach at the biogas plant ABO Kraft & Wärme company to BioBANG for the first time, recirculated on the primary digester of one of the two plant’s production lines.

This plant produces 900 Nm3/h of biogas and is fed with about 90 t/day of products composed by cattle manure, horse manure, corn silage, triticale silage, grass silage and poultry litter.

ABO Kraft & Wärme installed BioBANG on the plant to:

  • Optimize the hydraulic management of the plant, improving product’s viscosity inside the digesters and guaranteeing its constant control.
  • Optimize the power and the working time of the stirrers and the pumping systems, due to the reduction of the product viscosity in the digesters.
  • Optimize the effective use of the most difficult biomasses with higher fiber’s content to starting a reduction in the daily feeding’s cost.

With the new unit installed in ABO Kraft & Wärme’s plant in Ramstein, v has increased the amount of units successfully installed in Germany and Europe!

See the first starting of BioBANG on ABO Kraft & Wärme’s plant