Technical visit of Danish biogas manufacturer

Visit description

In the last period, the most important organizations at national, European and world level in biogas and biomethane sector (WBA World Biogas Association, EBA European Biogas Association, CIB Italian Biogas Consortium) are increasingly the importance to find an efficient and effective pre-treatment system that can improve the use of most difficult biomasses to digest in the AD plants.

The need was felt especially during the conference “Biogas Auh Stroh” organized by “EBA (European Biogas Association)”, “EnergieAgentur.NRW” and the specialized magazine “energie aus pflanzen” that took part on August 31 in Heiden (Germany) . During this conference there were much talks about the importance to find an efficient pre-treatment system to increase the straw digestibility.

The best pre-treatment system to guarantee the effective use of straw is obtained by combining the various pre-treatment techniques:

The pretreatment in feeding line, before the digesters is necessary to concentrate and load the difficult biomasses (such as straw) inside the digesters and mix it with the recirculated liquid to don’t increase the dilutions.

Once the products are loaded into the digesters, they need a process pre-treatment: BioBANG in recirculation. BioBANG in recirculation treats only that 30-40% of material (composed of fibers, pectins, cellulose, hemicellulose, etc …) that floats undigested on the surface and that the bacteria can’t directly attack. BioBANG in recirculation increase the efficiency of this material bringing it to its instant hydrolysis once recirculated in the lower part of the digester.

In this way BioBANG maximizes its energy efficiency since it does’nt compete with the bacteria for the remaining 60-70% of the biomass of daily diet, which is immediately digested.

The confirmation came to us through a Danish biogas plant manufacturer who took an interest in our technology, because he needs to include BioBANG in various projects of agricultural biogas plants fed to straw, which the company is starting to build in Poland.

The manufacturer was invited to visit two BTS biogas plants of two of our customers in Northern Italy, which installed BioBANG in their plants.

He was very impressed by the potential of our BioBANG technology and by the sampling carried out on-site with our technicians, he also wanted to go in England to visit a 1800 kW BioConstruct AD plant from another of our customers who feeds the plant only with straw and pig manure.

After visiting our customers in Italy and England, having seen BioBANG in operation and having listened to the direct experiences of our customers, the manufacturer has decided to include BioBANG in recirculation in its next biogas plant projects that it will build in Poland.

Are you a builder who is implementing projects of biogas or biomethane plants powered by straw and which needs a solution that can guarantee greater flexibility in the design phase?

Are you a biogas or biomethane plant owner who wants to optimize the cost of his daily feeding, supplementing it with straw?

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