New BioBANG unit in operation in Germany

In the end of February 2020 our technicians has made the strat of the new BioBANG unit on the biogas plant of BioEnergie Rohr GbR in Freystadt, Germany.

There are the characteristics of the biogas plant:

Power1000 kW/h
Digester’s number3 Primary fermenter and e 2 digestori secondari
Dry Matter % in digesters13 – 15 %
Dry Matter % in digesters50 – 110 days
Actual daily feeding30 – 80 t/day
Biomass usedCorn silage, horse manure with straw, grass silage

Pict. 1 – BioBANG installed on Bioenergie Rohr’s biogas plant

The customer was looking for a long time for a pretreatment system that would guarantee to his plant to improve its efficiency in terms of reduction of floating material on digester’s surface, related to increment in viscosity and in terms of improvement of gas production.

BioBANG is the optimal solution for BioEnergie Rohr’s needs.
BioBANG in recirculation, takes the material that float on digester’s surface and recirculate it in the bottom ready to be instant attack by the bacteria. In this way the plant can be increase its efficiency on these points:

  1. Reduction of product’s viscosity in digesters with consequent reduction of the possibility to have floating material on the surface. In addition, a less viscosity will allow a more flexible hydraulic’s management of the plant, with energy consumption savings for mixers and pumping systems.
  2. Increase of fibers degradability with reduction of their retention time. Cavitation breaks down the fibers, increasing their gas yield, since bacteria can completely digest them during normal plant’s retention times.

    Pict. 2 – Right slide: untreated product; Left slide: product after BioBANG cavitation
  3. Radical change of daily feeding with savings in costs. With increasing digestibility of the fibers, BioEnergie Rohr will be able to reduce the quantities of corn silage, replacing them with additional horse manure with straw. In this way the customer will be able to save more than 200 €/day from the cost of the feedstocks!

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