As reported by the statistics carried out by the European Biogas Association (EBA) and the World Biogas Association (WBA), the biogas market in Poland is booming thanks to the new incentives that the Polish government has allocated for the construction of new agricultural facilities on the national land.

The manufacturer has developed a technology to produce compact, standardized and efficient systems that has received technical approval and authorization from the Polish ministry to build 80 new agricultural plants.

The manufacturer's technology uses systems consisting of stainless steel digesters, with compact volumes and standardized production at 500 kW/h, equipped with an efficient mixing system in order to be flexible and quick to install.


On 04/09/2019, BioBANG received a visit from a Polish biogas plant manufacturer, interested in incorporating our innovative technology into its next projects under construction and construction; at the meeting there were also a professor and a technician from the "Ecotechnologies Laboratory of Biosystems Engineering – Poznan University of Life Sciences", who collaborate with the manufacturer for the technological development of its plants.

The Polish team was able to see 2 BioBANG units in operation at the biogas plants of 2 of our customers that thanks to BioBANG were able to increase the efficiency of their plants by over 15%.

The first visit was made to "Azienda Agricola Cazzola Francesco and Luigino" where a BioBANG 1000 unit in recirculation was installed on their 1 MW BTS plant in October 2018. During the visit the technicians of the University of Poznan and the builder had seen the comparison between a sample of untreated product and a sample of product after BioBANG treatment and they could evaluate the difference in terms of reduction in particle size and viscosity. Moreover, they had the opportunity to hear the experience of Damiano, one of the owners, who, thanks to the action of BioBANG, which significantly improved the viscosity in the digesters, was able to reduce the cost of the daily feeding up to 300 €/day.

In the afternoon the team visited the 1 MW biogas plant (also built by BTS) of the "RE-ENERGY Società Agricola" where Claudio, the plant owner, explained that thanks to BioBANG he was able to improve the viscosity in the digesters, reducing the consumption of mixing and pumping systems, without having more problems of liquid/solid separation and surface crusts inside the digesters.


The manufacturer turned to BioBANG because it needs an effective pre-treatment system that can increase the efficiency of its plants.
In fact BioBANG is the optimal solution to guarantee the manufacturer the possibility of increasing the technical flexibility and adaptability to the different feedings of his plants, so that they can be compact, standardized and effective in any situation:

  • Capacity to adapt to any type of feeding:
    BioBANG allows to use the cheapest but difficult biomass effectively, keeping retention time constant.
  • Containerized compact technology:
    Thanks to its containerized solution, BioBANG can be integrated on new plants quickly and easily, without involving changes in the design phase.
  • Reduce viscosity and concentrate the Dry Matter:
    BioBANG will allow the manufacturer to increase the DM% without increasing dilutions, guaranteeing its digesters the ability to maintain compact volumes and a simplified mixing system, even increasing the quantity of fibers.

Are you a builder who needs to make their projects more flexible, guaranteeing their customers compact systems that can be adapted to any type of diet, maintaining constant viscosity and mixing even if the customer starts using more difficult biomasses?
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