BioBANG® wins the best R&D innovation award 2020!

We are really proud to have received the 2020 Best R&D innovation nomination at the AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020, which were held on the last day of the World Biogas Expo 2020, thanks to our pre-treatment experience we had and continue to have with straw and all the waste biomass!

We strongly believe that agricultural by-products, such as straw, really have a strong potential to ensure an increasingly green and sustainable future for the entire biogas and biomethane industry. However, these biomasses are often not used due to the multiple barriers (especially due to the high fiber content) that make difficult to load, mix and digest them inside the fermenters.

BioBANG®, thanks to the innovative effects of controlled cavitation, allows to overcome these barriers, reducing retention times, increasing the yield and improving the miscibility of these biomasses, enhancing them and promoting at the same time an increase in the economic and environmental efficiency of biogas and biomethane plants!

Thanks again to World Biogas Association, ADBA and SHV ENERGY for having rewarded us with this important award!